Forging sworn documents a crime, say lawyers Forging sworn documents a crime, say lawyers

Police should start investigating the perpetrators immediately as there is no need to act only after an official report is made

CAGM-forged-documents Forging sworn documents a crime, say lawyers Forging sworn documents a crime, say lawyers

PETALING JAYA: Lawyers, weighing in on the act of forging sworn documents have said it is a criminal offence under the law and that criminal prosecution can be taken against those suspected of doing it.

“They cannot ‘play games’ with such serious documents, which was sworn under oath,” senior lawyer Sankara Nair told FMT when contacted.

He was referring to the group calling themselves Citizens for Accountable Governance Malaysia (CAGM), whom he said had committed an offence by misusing a sworn document commonly used in both civil and criminal court proceedings.

“Those named in the documents such as AmBank and its bank chairman (Azman Hashim) can lodge a police report,” he said.

He also remarked that CAGM’s argument that it was merely a “social media experiment” could not be used as justification.

“The document, which was based on the Statutory Declaration Act 1966, has no place for joke-making. No one should misuse an Act of Parliament,” he said.

“It is my first time hearing people using fake SD documents.”

Under the Statutory Declaration Act 1966, false declarations can be punished under Sections 199 and 200 of the Penal Code.

Another lawyer, Melissa Sasidaran, described it an unintelligent thing to do.

“It is an irresponsible and childish attempt at drawing attention away from the main issue (1Malaysia Development Berhad),” she told FMT in a text message.

“Social media experiments cannot be cited as defence,” she said, agreeing with Sankara, and adding that the group should be investigated for impersonation.

She also said police should take proactive action in handling the issue.

“It’s not necessary for a report to be lodged before police can investigate,” Melissa said, when asked if police can take action without someone filing an official report.

Yesterday, CAGM posted a message on its website stating that the SD by a former AmBank employer supposedly sacked for questioning the transfer of money into Prime Minister Najib Razak’s bank account, was a social media experiment and nothing more.