Mr Sankara, you demonstrated an excellent level of professionalism

SANKARA-NAIR Mr Sankara, you demonstrated an excellent level of professionalism
Mr Sankara Nair

Thank You, Mr. Sankara Nair!

In reference to the article entitled, “FT Minister responds to Taman Rimba Kiara land issue” dated 5th April 2019 published by Free Malaysia Today, I would like to express my many thanks to Mr. Sankara Nair for such a well-articulated explanation that clears my confusion over issues relating to Taman Rimba Kiara, particularly those raised in the letter by former appeals court judge the learned K Anantham.

I tried seeking some information on Mr. Sankara Nair, and came to know that he holds the credentials as a member of the advisory council of the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) and is a Senior Lawyer by profession. Apparently, he met up with the DBKL legal team to discuss the case and requested to study the relevant files. I assume he did that at the bequest of the FT Minister who may have wished for an unbiased second legal opinion after reading the article by the learned ex-judge.

I have to give it up for him for such efforts and the sharing of his unbiased viewpoints – stating it as it is approach – after doing his ‘homework’, i.e. accessing the files. That, ladies and gentleman, is how and what a sensible, reasonable and professional lawyer would do, in order to come up with a legal view of any case or issue. Not shooting from the hip based on rumors or conjecture. Only then can one clarify the issue factually and accurately.

I suppose some are still in the opposition mode of thinking where Ministers and Local Authorities are ‘the enemy’. I can understand one coming up with a view based on rumors and conjecture in the past, under BN. Yes, they were tongue tied and you could not go to DBKL or the Ministry to get clarifications then. But now? Surely there is better access?

So I would humbly suggest to all, please get your facts right before writing anything. Save us from the useless controversies which are a waste of time and very taxing emotionally especially when based on conjecture. So when you do your ‘research’, please ask for clarification from the main characters in the drama you want to create before putting pen to paper.

While there has been so many irresponsible, hateful posts on a particular Facebook page, seemingly set up dedicated solely to bash the Federal Minister relentlessly, I was actually surprised when I first read his article. Mr. Nair has expressed his views in a non-emotional way, not trying to raise sentiments, and based on facts, not conjecture, ultimately coming forward with what I would describe as a quality explanation to the media.

While he may not actually respond on behalf of the Minister, I felt that many of us should try to exercise this type of ‘freedom of speech’ response which is done in a more cultured manner, transparent with his identity and downright factual, that carries weight and substance!

To Mr. Sankara, for the straight-forward explanation that even a layman could easily grasp the real status of the case, you have indeed demonstrated an excellent level of professionalism and made your profession proud.

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